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PODCAST: David Hogg and "Leaders We Deserve"

Supporting Young Americans as They Run for State Legislative Districts

The youngest woman in the Texas Senate, and the first LGBTQ+ candidate ever elected to that body.

The youngest woman (to be) in the Ohio Statehouse.

A 22-year old African-American math teacher, soon to join the Georgia Statehouse.

A second-generation Indian-American taking on a Georgia fake elector (who also serves in the Georgia Senate.)

All 30 or younger.

Now that’s a future we can look forward to!


Amid a busy 2024, when most focus is on courtroom dramas and a handful of federal offices, one of the hidden advances taking place for democracy involves candidates in their 20s running and winning races for state legislative seats across the country.

And the common thread of some of this success—including each of the candidates I mention above—is an organization called “Leaders We Deserve,” co-founded by activist David Hogg, who we all came to know as one of the student-heroes who rallied the nation following the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“Leaders We Deserve” aims to build into the equivalent of “Emily’s List” for young, progressive candidates. And even though they started just last fall, they have already boosted the candidates above in countless ways, and are doing the same for others around the nation. Listen to David’s description here:

Inspired by their vision, I am proud to serve on the group’s advisory board. And after a recent call from David updating me on all their success, I invited him to join my PODCAST so we could share the impressive work and results broadly.

Bigger picture, as David explains so well, this is the type of long-game strategy the GOP has invested in for decades, and we must do the same:

So, take a listen to our FULL conversation ABOVE. You will be impressed. It’s exactly the type of long-game strategy we need to build and invest in:

Once you’ve listened, follow the links below to get involved.


To learn more about Leaders We Deserve, and donate (best of all, become a monthly member), go HERE.

And here are the candidates David and I discussed in our conversation:

Molly Cook, Texas (Senate)

Bryce Berry, Georgia (House)

Ashwin Ramaswami, Georgia (Senate)

Christine Cockley, Ohio (House)

Also, spread the word:


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