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New Podcast: Courage, Personified

Meet Ari Childrey, Running in the Reddest District in Ohio

Watch this:


That’s all I could say after watching Adrienne (“Ari”) Childrey—one of our Blue Ohio candidates and one of several trans candidates in the state—talk about her run for office in the reddest district in Ohio, after fighting through obstacles to even get on the ballot in the first place.


I’ve seen a lot of first-time candidates introduce themselves. Ari was as authentic a candidate as I’d ever witnessed.

So I called Ari after that presentation to thank her, and we talked for 25 more minutes. Heard more about her story, and her campaign:

Wow, again .

And after that, I knew many others would want to meet her, so she’s the feature of today’s PODCAST (click at top to watch it all).

I always talk about how running for office, especially in a tough district, is itself an act of public service. Courageous. Patriotic.

I can say that no candidate personifies that more than Ari does. When you listen to this podcast, my guess is you’ll reach the same conclusion. Here’s one more clip:

OK. So those are previews.

I can’t recommend highly enough that you listen and watch our whole conversation (again, click at the top).

Then…do what you can to help…


Learn more about Ari at:

Follow her on Twitter/X: @ari4ohio

Consider supporting her candidacy here:

If you live in the region, considering volunteering here:

Here are some of the stories on Ari’s candidacy, and fight to be placed on the ballot:

Also, if you want to join Ohio, where we fund candidates just like Ari—who are often overlooked and unsupported otherwise—go HERE and sign up.

Thank you!

Please share so others can meet and support Ari as well..


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