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Your Action Needed: Protect Ohio's Democracy

DeWine, Ohio GOP Moving Forward on Poison Pills Even AFTER DNC "Fixes" Biden Ballot Timing

The DNC and Chair Jaime Harrison just called the Ohio Senate’s and Governor DeWine’s bluff by moving up Biden’s nomination so that no extension is needed to make the OH ballot.

Crisis resolved, right?


DeWine and the Senate’s response—to say they will move forward on the “poison pills” anyway—confirms that DeWine and the Senate’s goal was never about Biden at all! (Sadly, they are so predictable these days, that was clear from the start).

That’s right, they are STILL moving forward on their poison pills EVEN though Biden will be nominated in time for OH’s deadline, and the legislation is no longer needed.

And they’re trying to rush it through tomorrow, even though the Biden problem is resolved.

Which gives their game away: just like last year, this is all a cynical effort to change the rules to knee-cap ballot initiatives. Most importantly for them, they’re trying to undermine the effort to end gerrymandering this year. That’s their rush—not Biden’s ballot status.

Yes, it’s all deeply cynical and disturbing. But we don’t have time to dwell on that right now.

We have work to do….we need to make as much noise as we can to stop them. And we need your help. Here’s how:

STEP 1: Call the House

Ohio House Republicans have held the line before last week.

Call them to urge them to keep holding the line to protect citizens’ right to organize ballot initiatives. 57% of Ohio voters supported Issue 1 last year for a reason.

No more attacks on our democracy!

Call the Speaker’s Office: 614-466-1366.

Call your House member, and encourage others to call their’s. Not just Democrats, but especially those who live in Republican districts.

Here’s how you find your member:

→ “Who Represents Me?”

Finally, call the folks who are on the below committee. They will hold the hearing tomorrow that is taking up these poison-pill bills:

STEP 2: Call DeWine.

Call DeWine’s office HERE.


If you’re in Ohio and can do so, please SHOW UP to tomorrow’s hearing to testify in person.

Statehouse. 11 am. Room 121.

And/or submit testimony in writing.

Here’s a link on how testify tomorrow, and what you need to in advance.

Three simple steps. Please do what you can…

Bottom line: their cynical, sneak attack on direct democracy—a desperate ploy to keep gerrymandering in place in Ohio—has been exposed for what it is.

Now they’re going for broke—ramming these anti-democracy measures through even though the Biden issue is resolved.

Do everything you can to stand up!

Please take these steps and share this Post to your networks.

Thank you!


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