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WHITEBOARD: The Ohio Ballot Battle

Lesson: Never Lose Sight of the Long Game…Because They Never Do

I still sense a lot of confusion out there about what’s happening in Ohio.

So I decided to break out my home-office whiteboard to explain it from the long-battle/democracy perspective I write about in my books. Within that frame, I hope the risk of what they’re trying to pull off here becomes far more clear.

This is a classic case study where the anti-democracy right understands their long-game needs perfectly. And they fight for them, often when others don’t see the stakes. (So in this case, some in the national media praised DeWine even as he took a step that directly jeopardizes Ohio’s pro-democracy momentum and prospects).

WATCH the video above to see how it works. If you find it helpful, feel free to share it:


For more details on all this, and bullet points, go HERE.

Actions To Take:

We must fight back in the coming days. Here’s my list of action steps we should all take:

STEP 1: Tell Ohio House Speaker Jason Stephens—who has thus far worked with Democrats for a clean bill—to hold the line. Ohioans will ONLY accept a clean bill to get Biden on the ballot—no poison pills, no tradeoffs:

STEP 2: Tell your State Representative that Ohioans will ONLY accept a clean bill to get Biden on the ballot. They should vote NO on any bill that contains anti-democracy and anti-freedom poison pills. Ohio’s democracy is not some pawn to be horse-traded.

Find your rep:

→ “Who Represents Me?”

STEP 3: Tell Governor DeWine (and his top staff) that you agree with his call for Biden to be on the ballot, but to do it through only a clean bill. Trading away our democracy is not an acceptable approach.

  • DeWine office contact sheet HERE.

STEP 4: Spread the word. Be sure you tell folks in all parts of Ohio to make these calls and emails.

Share this Action Sheet with your networks. We need to make some noise


STEP 5: Stay tuned! If there are hearings next week that make sense to go to, I will include that information in a future update.

Thank you!

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