Thank you for keeping spotlight on Ohio corruption, Mr. Pepper but seems like everone has become complement, even voters, till now.

deV is following reagan's mo. We the people never realized or didn't pay attention when mccon and recons were decteted by donors, bring in their cronies into government, and stacking the courts; and now their decades of planning had enriched them and have born the poisonous fruits for the American people. Biggest horrific example is the overturned abortion rights by sc. And off course the democrats were either willing or helpless minority or slept when had majority.

What could go wrong when the utilities, pension funds, generally everything are managed by private interests?

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"🎶We won't be fooled again, won't be fooled again!🎵" Seriously, thank you David, this is an amazing summary and I am flagging it to go through again in more detail later. Where would Ohio be without you?

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