Extremists, Hiding in Plain Sight!

A Primer: Don’t Let the Far Right Destroy Our Schools


There’s a stealth campaign taking place all over the country to upend our public schools with extremists. It’s highly coordinated, it’s wide-ranging, it’s under the radar, and it will all play out it in the coming days.

We can NOT let them win.

Please be sure you’ve researched who’s who before you vote.

To help, I did my own little experiment. I took a short walk around the city of Madeira—which is blessed to have the 4th highest ranked school district in Ohio. A true gem.

Looking at a bunch of yardsigns of names I didn’t previously know, how long did it take for me to detect the extreme candidates who would wreak havoc on this wonderful school district?


The answer: minutes.

Watch the short VIDEO above to see how easy it is—and how quickly you can uncover—which school board candidates are (despite a thin disguise) part of the far-right effort to upend strong public schools like Madeira’s, and which are the true public-servants in the making.

As I discover in my own little tour, you’ll be amazed by what you may find, both good and bad. And the real risk these elections pose if they go the wrong way.

In Ohio, we are also blessed to have groups working hard at the local and state level to get the word out. They’ve generated a list of candidates with problematic ties here. And they’ve “shown their work” on their approach here. Which can also help you do the same thing wherever you are.

Your state and community could have the same resources where you are, so look around. But either way, as I show above, doing the research yourself is also easy. Be sure you do it!

Here’s a list of Moms for Liberty candidates around the country: https://www.momsforliberty.org/candidates/

Five days to get it done—and it only takes five to ten minutes to do it.

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