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New PODCAST: "Raising Arizona"

Do I Have An Amazing Story to Share with You Today!

What do you get when you combine: 1) some fired-up activists, 2) a run-everywhere philosophy, and 3) a state that has a public financing option for campaigns?


Now, throw into that mix that the state where all this is happening could very well determine all the following things: 1) the Presidency, 2) the Senate, and 3) the House.

Oh, and the outcome of that state’s elections could also flip: 1) that state’s statehouse and 2) that state’s senate, while 3) protecting reproductive freedom and 4) booting two State Supreme Court justices who tried to send the women of that state back to 1864.

The answer is: what you get is one heck of an opportunity to protect democracy by turning Arizona blue at all levels.

Even better, the answer is a year where there is a candidate in every legislative district in Arizona, including rural districts. And where, thanks to a brilliant, team effort among candidates and grassroots leaders, a large number of the candidates running in those rural districts will be eligible for public funding. Which means they will be able to run major-league campaigns in places where, in the past, candidates have not even competed.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s what’s happening this year in Arizona.

You can learn all about it my SECOND PODCAST (“Raising Arizona”), as I dive into this great news story with one of the leaders who made it all happen.

You are NOT going to want to miss this incredible story. It will both inspire you and give you ideas on how to effect change where you are.

So click at the top and WATCH/LISTEN.

Then…please share it as well.


Note: if you’re interested in helping after hearing this awesome story, you can learn more and donate seed money—(but not the $5 qualifying contribution—those can only come from the within each district)—to any of the candidates below:

Haley Creighton, State Senate LD 7

Robert Doyle, State Senate LD 10:

Helen Hunter, State House LD 10:

Elizabeth Brown, State Senate LD 14 

Bill Olear, State House LD 25 

Eric Stafford, State Senate LD 29 

State Senator Juan Mendez, LD 8 

To learn more and support the organization that is making all this happen, Southwest Blueprint, Email:

Thanks for listening and watching:

Please share so others see this as well:


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