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“Hostages”? You Can’t Be Serious…..

But They Are…as is their Effort to Rewrite History

The interview went viral almost immediately.

A major leader of the U.S. House, on Meet the Press, suggesting that the hundreds of people who stormed the Capitol, and have been found guilty or pled guilty to crimes since, are actually “hostages.”

And of course, when you draw it out (and yes, the interviewer should have stopped asking any more questions and drawn it out), the implications if they truly were “hostages” would be absolutely earth-shattering. A conspiracy to beat all conspiracies.


But for most of us, it sounds absurd. It is absurd.

After all, we all watched in horror three years and four days ago. We’ve watched court case after court case as they’ve been found or pled guilty. And now we know even more than we did then about the plan to overturn an American election.

“Hostages”? C’mon. Outrageous!

But as I explain in the video above, this is not some offhand remark. Or interview.

This is much more.

Yes, it’s propaganda.

But it’s even more than that.

It is all part of the initial stages of rewriting history itself. And it’s been going on for some time.

And who’s the ultimate audience of that “rewrite”?

Hint: all of us who saw it for ourselves aren’t the prime audience. Because we know what happened. (Which is why polls show that most Americans don’t agree with this ridiculous characterization of January 6).

The audience, long-term, are the generations of Americans who follow us. The ones who didn’t see it for themselves. Or feel the horror directly, as we did.

You bet, if that Congresswoman and Donald Trump are given the chance (ie. if they succeed in 2024), they will work hard to rewrite it all—starting with the 2020 election itself, and all that happened on January 6 and after. Watch the VIDEO above for my explanation of how this works.

BUT…you’re probably asking…could such an absurd rewrite of history really succeed? Could something we all watched…something so well documented…really be rewritten in such a dramatic way?

WATCH this video to find out:

The answer is…yes!

In fact, it’s happened so often in our history we should always be on guard for it.

Think about it, the rewrite of the history (and cause) of the Civil War has been so successful for so long, a leading presidential candidate last week didn’t feel comfortable explaining what the actual history really was. She couldn’t even bring herself to say the word “slavery.” That’s how much generations of rewriting that basic history settled in. She didn’t want to anger all those who still believe the alternate history.

Or take the example of Reconstruction—the herculean effort to build a diverse and functioning democracy in the South following the Civil War. White supremacist forces overthrew it—violently. And after doing so, those same forces along with Northerners rewrote that history as “redemption”—as reform—necessary because the new diverse democracy was reframed as corrupt and dysfunctional. Because, they said, Black Americans weren’t “ready” or capable of governing.

And that rewritten, self-serving and warped history was the dominant historic take on Reconstruction for more than half of the 20th century—taught in America’s most elite universities as accepted fact!

So yes, history can be re-written.

It’s happened again and again. It’s one of the things about American history that haunts me most—how many truths have been buried, how many lives have been erased, forgotten and recast, how many wrongs have been covered over or justified by false narratives that emerged later.

So when you see that Meet the Press interview Sunday, and when you hear similar words from Trump recasting January 6, and when you see politician after politician who feared (and ran) for their lives on January 6 now also rewriting what happened up to and including that day, know that this isn’t just about now.

It’s a long term project.

And it can succeed if we allow it to.


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