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65,000(!) Issue 1 Ballots, Not Yet Returned

Help Us Get Them in Before the Election

65,000 people.

Enough to fill a stadium.

And enough to change an election outcome in Ohio.

The 2010 Governor’s race in Ohio was decided by slightly more than that number of votes.

Support the Outreach


And in Ohio at this moment, 65,000 is a pivotal number because it’s the number of unreturned absentee ballots that are out there, in the hands of Ohio voters that data modeling shows are likely to Vote No on Issue 1.

And if 65,000 votes was close to the margin in that high-profile 2010 Governor’s race, that large number of votes looms even larger in a low-voter turnout, special-election that is down to its final weeks.

Those 65,000 votes could very well be the difference in the outcome…and in preserving democracy as it’s existed in Ohio for more than a century.

So….let’s all commit to get that very high number of unreturned ballots down to zero in the next 10 days. We need all those ballots in by late next week if at all possible. In a close race, we can’t afford to have anywhere near that number of ballots sitting in homes, unused. Uncounted.

Especially when we know the “Yes” side will disproportionately be voting on election day.

The good news is that there are ways to reach out to these voters NOW, to remind them to get their votes in. If you volunteer to text or phone voters in the coming days, you may very well find yourself reaching out to them directly.

But we also have tools to reach them digitally, and this is where I’m asking for your help today. Every $50 we invest allows us to share a digital video reminder with roughly 1,000 of these voters—a reminder to send their ballots in, and to Vote No on Issue 1. Needless to say, we want to reach them repeatedly.

So we are trying to raise $30,000, which, along with some other dollars we’ve raised, allows us to engage this universe of voters intensely in the coming days.

If you are able to help us reach this goal—we’re already off and running—it would make a huge difference:

To help us, please contribute what you can at the button below. Remember: every $50 allows us to reach and remind around 1,000 voters to get their ballots in.

Help Reach Voters

Then, please share this post so others also know about this critical need.


Thank you for your support.


David Pepper