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126,000 Pro-Choice Ballots Still Out There!

Call to Action: Help Us Get These "Yes on 1" Votes In

Less than two weeks to go!

And Ohio’s Issue 1 election (Reproductive Freedom Amendment) is going to be close. Much closer than August.

Of course, we know that most Ohioans support a woman’s right to choose. But the far right also knows that disinformation, scare tactics and confusion work, so they are unleashing all three on the voters of Ohio—through both their “No” campaign as well as official acts (like manipulating the ballot language). So we will have to overcome all of that to drive “Yes on 1” to victory over the next few weeks.

Help Us Reach Voters!

But amid the many things we must get done, the most essential task to win is to get every “Yes” vote out there into boards of elections by election day….which is why I am sending this to you today.

With less than two weeks to go, there are a whopping number of absentee ballots in people’s homes right now.

How many?

Our modeling tells us that almost 126,000(!) of those unreturned ballots are in the hands of voters very likely to vote YES on Issue 1.


Yes….that’s easily a number big enough to make the difference in the outcome of the election. The difference in whether Ohio is a state that allows women to make their own reproductive treatment decisions, or one with an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest or the health of women.


That’s the bad news. The challenge.

The good news is, we know how to reach these voters. In fact, before the August election, there were 65,000 such voters, and with your help, we DID reach them multiple times with a video reminder to send their ballots in (which was viewed in its entirety more than 1.3 Million times). We even found more voters beyond that initial 65,000.

And…again, due to your help…almost all those outstanding ballots ultimately came in. They represented an important chunk of that winning August margin.

So…if something works, let’s do it again!

Every $10 people contribute now to a similar reminder/chase effort helps us get to 1,000 of these voters. Every $50 helps us get to them 5 times!

Help Us Reach These Voters

Like before, we want to get to them with a new reminder video at least that many times! It was that repetition that helped get the job done.

The best news is that a generous donor has agreed to match up to $25,000 to this push. So every $10 you give helps us reach 2,000 voters once. Every $50 helps us get to them five times!

We have less than two weeks to go before Election Day. That means we have even less time to get those 126,000 ballots in.

Please help however you can by giving here:

Help Us Get These Ballots In!

Then share this with others so they do the same.

This will be close—those ballots yet to come in could be the difference.

Thank you, and I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Please spread the word on the 126,000 ballots we have to get in!


David Pepper